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MAYDAY MAYDAY! Need to talk to a moderator!

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This guy has team killed me in two games now only have one screenshot pretty sure he did it on purpose he attacked two team mates including killing me via torpedo. I was busy focusing on the enemy which was 12k away from me to my 11 o clock.



He just sent torpedoes my way for the fun of it. Aside from that he seemed to enjoy shelling other team mates. I really love playing this game but its only in closed beta and its already becoming annoying because of people like this they are of no benefit to this beta but a annoyance can we please ban him from beta if i have to pay to get rid of him let it be. I am sick of enjoying a good game only to be killed by a team mate. PLAYERS NAME [content removed] watch our for him fellow sailors. 



Safe Sailing everyone!



Naming and shaming on the forums is prohibited. Please send screenshots/replays of any in-game violations to a moderator or a GM. Post edited, thread locked, user warned.



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