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How to Fubuki?

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Title says it all.

I'm trying to play the ship like I think it should be, not too aggressively, scout out ahead, lay down torps mainly and use my guns to set fires after flooding repairs or to finish off a hurt dd. 

However, I'm getting terrible results.  How I learned to play IJN DD in lower tiers is not translating up to T6.  It's not just radar, run from that and give yourself an escape route, but other dds.  I  have concealment expert on my captain and I still get out spotted and targeted to death, even just running away and dodging.  The other dd will stay just out of spotting range and keep me lit until I'm dead or CV will hover over me until I'm dead letting me do nothing of importance.  


Any tips or vids to watch on how to Fubuki and IJN DD in general?


Best regards,

DD player who wants to help the team. 

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3 hours ago, BunnyDragon said:

but other dds

I have a soft spot for Fubuki, she was my first T6 ship. When I started playing the game, there were Fubukis everywhere, today you don’t see many. Compared to many other DD’s, she struggles these days. For a DD she is relatively slow and detection range is not that great. She has the flexibility of 3 launchers with 3 torps each, but well, these days there are all these RN DD’s that can launch single torps.

Look at these T6 DD’s and their detection range:

Gaede/Farragut 7.6km

Fushun/Gnevny 7km

Fubuki 6.8km

Hatsuharu 6.5km (faster than Fubuki, but only 2x3 torps, gun range slightly shorter.)

That’s without CE and before the RN DD’s were introduced. Fubuki had better concealment than the gunboats. Hatsu was the sneakiest and faster, but her guns were not a great threat to Fubuki.

Now these days you will see a lot of Icarus because people grind the RN DD tree or train captains. Icarus guns are a problem for Fubuki and her concealment is better:

Icarus/Gallant 6.6km

To be out-spotted by DD’s with good guns is bad news for IJN DD’s with bad guns.

If you want to play Fubuki, there are a few things you can do. (Playing another DD is also an option.)

Stay with your team, so an enemy DD may not open fire, and if he does, you can get support. (if you are lucky…)

You have to enable ‘last known position’ on your map and keep looking at the map. You will learn to anticipate where you encounter enemy DD’s.

Switch your AA off and keep an eye on planes. Often you can evade planes if you see them coming and get out of their way early.

When you see the ‘detected’ warning, react straight away.

Learn to use islands for cover.

If you are spotted and targeted, you may have to smoke up, hide and run. A dead DD cannot help the team.

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Get Akatsuki instead. its the original Fubuki whilst has more torpedoes and AA Guns.

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