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Help with FDG

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Just got the FDG. In my first game. Two brothers. DD on my team capping. Enemy GK and mogami pushing hard into Cap with Worcester providing support behind an island. Wyd.?

My GK hard turned away. So I had no choice but to push into Cap topull fire away from DD. And that I did so well I went from 100 to port in about 3 minutes. So I guess I did something wong.

Some tips and tricks on how to position / play this?

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I'd like to know too. My attitude in my FdG so far, is to hang back at the start, until I see how my team is deploying. The theory is that I know I'm going to be outclassed, so I want to engage the enemy with enough support that I don't get focused to death. It hasn't worked yet. When I get spotted it doesn't matter what's between the enemy and I, I'm back in port quick smart. Angling helps when cruiser shoot AP at you, but much BB AP melts you at any angle, and most people get three fires lit, and burn you down anyway.

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