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EM vs AR? IJN destroyers

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AR all the way. Your gun turning rate wont save you if a fast gunboat want you dead.

Avoid using your gun at all if possible.

AR however kicks in and affect both torps and guns. You will always takes damage in almost all games so it is always helpful. Especially if you take damage during the initial probing phase.

EM is not worth the investment for IJN dd guns as they are purely defensive guns to finish off low health targets and rarely harrass capital ships.

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Ideally you want both, however you want AR first.

Yugumo guns are excellent, hit hard, good fire chance, good arc, good gun layout and angles.  Their only weaknesses are turret traverse and reload.  You can basically fix the traverse issue by spending two points in EM, and that makes the guns much more usable.

The ship is a torp boat first though, so you need AR as a priority over EM (don't forget AR is buffing your guns as well as your torps).  I go PT - LS - SE - CE for the first ten points.  I then get AR, then TAE, then EM.  The last two points aren't too important, but I take JoaT (combined with November Foxtrot signals) for faster TRB cooldowns.  A lot of people go RPF for the last four points (and I assume drop EM) but I personally don't like that at all.  I find RPF gives me very little information I can't work out from having decent situational awareness, and it's certainly not better than EM's removal of one of your two main gun weaknesses.  I use Yugumo in a similar vein to a Fletcher, which is a hybrid DD, but if you don't use your guns much, RPF is better.

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Depends on what kind of build you are going for. Getting AR is almost a must, along with LS. If you're going gunboat, Taking EM and BFT is needed. If you're going to be stealthy to torp, CE and TAE is more optimal.


Im a terrible Yugumo player, dont take my word for it


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