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Any BB newbie friendly line?

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On 10/31/2018 at 2:01 AM, MatterCore said:

never again :Smile_child:


This is probably the Wyoming that smears my Myogi across the ocean every time I poke my bows out of port. 😀

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On 10/28/2018 at 12:40 PM, Miku_Izayoii said:

Hello i'm new to game and currently on the T5 british Cruiser Emerald, i want to play BBs any line recommended? I want a BB that can hit hard, mid range battles and a mediocre dispersion

USN: I've seen a lot of people recommend USN BBs for newbies cause those ships handle themselves pretty well even in stressful situations. Theyve got good guns, solid armor, and unmatched AA protection - seems like a wise choice for new BB players 

Kriegsmarine:  tend to catch fire easily and they don't do well in long-range combat but I prefer them for brawling, they're monsters in close range combat

 French:   play like cruisers, they're freakishly fast and very responsive to sudden turns and changes in speed but Im not a big fan of their 4 guns on a turret layout.  It worsens the shell dispersion but if youre not a conventional BB driver who likes exposing the broadside to fire all your guns, then French line is the one for ya! 

 IJN:  require a lot of skill and expertise to handle their raw power or so I've heard. Theyve got hard hitting guns, one perfectly aimed shot could severely devastate even the mightiest of BBs

Royal Navy: I dont know much about  Royal Navy bbs but Warspite and Nelson seem like ships not to be trifled with.  Although HMS Hood seems overrated

Italian Navy:  Better survivability and good maneuverability. Even at T5.  Giulio Cesare is a darn good ship. 

Russian:  (ive only seen Oktober Revolution in battle), looks cool but underperforms most of the time 

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I'm assuming that by newbie friendly you mean the line that is least punishing when you make mistakes and also that you are aiming for higher tiers. If that is indeed the case then I could not recommend any line more than the Royal Navy battleships.

They mostly have underwater Citadels so they are very forgiving even when you flash you broadsides, the chances of you suffering devastating citadel hits are pretty much non-existent. They have fast firing guns albeit small in caliber, but they make up for that by having god tier HE alpha damage and absurdly high fire chance, so you don't have to worry about your AP not strong enough to pen the enemy when you can just replicate purgatory on their deck and superstructure. On top of that, the high tier literally allows you to print a new ship when your HP is low (only apply to HE damage but I digress, the heal can get back a lot of damage overall). It's like they have a whole dry dock's worth of repair capabilities on board their ships so you can get back a lot of health even after you've made a big mistake.

All in all, in the words of Flamu, the tier 10 RN BB HMS Conqueror is dumb, in that it allows you to punish pretty much anything afloat while suffering very little in return if you have a slight idea of what you are doing. So if your ultimate goal is to get a top tier, easy to play and forgiving BB then this is the line for you. (I'm mostly talking about the higher tier here though, lower tier is a bit different)

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