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Some Suggestions on Premium ships handling

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I love the game,and I wish to buy some premium ships. But, I think there should be a option to test drive a prem ship,before you buy it. Like example,I like the Ashitaka,but don't know if it is worth spending money for,if I have not ever played it. All i am suggesting to you guys, create a option,so that one player can play a prem ship,for one day,only once from his account. That way player will understand if the play style of the ship suits his or her play style. I am saying this because,I wanted to buy Atlanta,but scared that the ship might be too fragile for me to handle,so i tried my friends account to play the ship once,and i loved it instantly. Bought it the very next day.  I hope this is not a impossible thing to consider. Thanks

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Nice idea, but in reality it wouldn't be such a good one, because the staff spend time making all of the ships (modeling, working out armour thicknesses, ballistics etc, & there would be only certain ones that people would buy it it were like that, & would kill the uniqueness out of the game...

 & being virtual produce anyway, you really couldn't return it if you didn't like it....

Depends what you want a certain ship for, really... To "win" , or because you like ships (me)...

The best way is to treat it like lucky dip, if it's good & /or you like it, then great... Money well spent... If not, then treat it like a bad take away, you got it eat it, don't like it too bad.... Lesson learnt... Oh well....

Or, if you want people to make your mind up for you, look for reviews of the ship, & see what they think... Plenty of YouTube vids around so you can sorta experience game play to a degree...

Or don't buy it if you have serious reservations....

The best thing is to enjoy the game either way, & thanks to the hard working WG staff for putting so much work & personal time into our wonderful game...



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That’s good idea for who wants to rental ships (premium only)

they can try ships whatever they want but i think it needs cost for it

since WoWs has Arsenal for 3-4 months ago, use coal to rental it (except steel ships and T9 above) depends on class and tier what they want to cost (24h and one time only) example you want to try Texas they rent it and cost 5k coal after that they will buy or not up to them

review is enough but some of players need to try it with their hand

But the effect of rental ship might impact random battle MM will be more suffer because they try to play rental ships

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