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Ranked Battles

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Why does WoW call the game "Ranked Battle?"  Just a thought.  The impression is that it's your individual ranking, and the ranking itself indicates this clearly (you get an individual rank).  Since it's not about your ranking it's about the teams, this means to win a rank the team must win, in other words, it has nothing to do with individual wins, but team wins.  When your team wins approximately 1 in 6/8 games (since the matchmaker is pretty much in need of some serious work), it's pretty much a game of losing not winning, or putting it bluntly, it's not about a challenge but an annihilation.  So, in the end it's a bit of a let-down because the game is about 'Ranked Team Battles" not "Ranked Battle" (as if it's your rank) and generally speaking the teams are so mismatched the imbalance makes it a predictable game.  Is there a way the game can have both a team and individual ranking?  In that way, depending on your ability, you get a personal rank and the team gets another ranking as it does now.  It can be the kind of challenge that gives all contestants some kind of reward.  win/win

If you get upset with what I have just said, go take a shower - constructive thoughts only please, if any. 

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