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Main battery Reload Booster on the T10 Henry

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have noticed 2 times 2day ive used the T10 henry when i activate the main battery reload booster i keep losing my turrets,  i press fire and my turrets become incapacitated , used it again the 2nd time round and same thing has happened again. it seems fine if you dont use the reload booster.. any1 else having the same issue with the same boat?

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You used a free MBRB, didn't?

Non-premium MBRB for French T9-10 Cruiser has a hidden value named "criticalChance" which was changed from "0" to "0.05" in 0.7.10.

My speculation is, that variable possibly be taken into account for calculationg a chance of self-incapacitation.

so if you activate the booster then fire your gun, the gun can get knocked out with a 5%(maybe) chance.

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