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Idea about CV rework and AA balance

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My English is not so good, pardon me.I have a good idea about the CV rework balance problem. Hope you like it.

As you know, the new CV can manually control the plane. That’s very interesting! But it makes the AA seems weak. Like the player “iChaseGaming” said use the CV just like a PVE game. I have an idea to change the AA system to achieve the balance.

My point: AA is also manual, but not like the main gun. In WW, AA artillery makes a kill zone like a box to defend the incoming planes. So, we can let the player to select a section to defend. It’s more like the torpedo system in the game. You can also change the spread of AA like torpedo, wide spread can cover a large section but the damage is low, narrow spread can shoot down planes quickly but just at one point. If the ship wants to change the AA defense section, it costs time.

The result: CV player must watch out the target focus on where, and maybe need to use “S” maneuver to avoid the focus fire, not an easy game. Surface ship player can also have a chance to shoot down planes even the ship’s AA fire not so powerful. For example, Minotaur use wide spread can easily protect one side; Yamato use narrow spread maybe can avoid a torpedo bomber strike. All depend on the players’ skill.

About the Consumable--Defensive AA Fire, can just have one effectiveness, increase the range or increase the damage. Maybe different country can have different effectiveness.

Thank you for your time.

(This picture is just an example,powered by Photoshop)


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as a full time cv player spending so much time to get to level ten cv, I hope the changes are not to complicated , sounds like now ill have to work hard to play planes, hope changes don't kill cv play out of game

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