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just wondering about CV test

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6 minutes ago, Lunarshift said:

what is that afterburning thing? seems like i cant understand that part

You want the aviation version or the layman game term ?

Ok so i'll go with the easy part first : Afterburner boost your aircraft speed by a fair amount. You get to places faster ,...

Aviation term : Afterburner refer to the aircraft ability to inject fuel direct to the exhaust for additional thrust which translate into better airspeed. By default , engine mix a certain portion of air and fuel , then ignite that to form combustion and provide power. After combustion , the mixture of extreme hot air exit the back end of the engine providing thrust , so by utilizing the leftover hot stream and additional fuel , it can increase thrust. Afterburner are a military thing and is definitely not possible with pistol engine aircraft. It is a jet engine thingee mind you. 

Afterburner provide a powerful burst of speed , but it is extremely costly in terms of fuel efficiency and maintainence. You do not want to go afterburner all the damn time , it kill your engine and the chief engineer will have a good talk with you for abusing it. Most revelant for spy and interceptor planes. There are a better version of afterburner that is called "Supercruise".

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thx mate...

i'm thinking some new build for the captain on CV rework test, just that i dont know only that part

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