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What to do if your Clan interface stops working

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Hey everyone! 

So recently I've decided I wanted to try and be more social on WoWs and join a clan. The problem was that my clan menu just flat out wasn't working for me and kept saying: "service unavailable". This was understandably frustrating and so, after trying a bunch of things, here are the fixes (in order of ease) that I found: 

1. Click the "Verify Files and Repair" function on the launcher.
This takes a few minutes, usually, but aside from that its very painless. It didn't do anything to fix MY problem, but it has worked for some and, you know, it's easy. 

2. Make sure you are running the game as an administrator 
This is almost as easy as the first one, really only requiring a few clicks, but might be a bit trickier because if you want to be SURE it is working you should launch the game from the direct launcher (in your C:/Games/WorldofWarships folder, or wherever you put it.) Again: this didn't help me, but it might help some. 

3. Ensure your firewall is letting the game through

Now this one is a little trickier, and it is going to depend a lot on your firewall settings. The launcher has a feature that can allow the game through with one click, but if you really want to make sure it is working you are going to need to check your individual settings for whatever firewall you might have. 

4. [THE ONE THAT WORKED FOR ME] Delete your "Profiles" folder in your World of Warships folder. 

Now this is the one that actually worked for me. It's a little annoying because you are going to have to do things like set up custom controls and such again, but it actually WORKED and, furthermore, it's what the game's own customer service recommends. What you need to do is go to your World of Warships folder (usually in C:/Games/WorldofWarships) and find the folder marked "profile"...then delete that folder. Simple as that. When you start up the game again (as an administrator, remember,) you might have to put in your password and such again...but it should actually let you access the clans tab, the premium shop, and all that good stuff. 

And that is pretty much it. I hope you found this little guide helpful, and I sincerely hope that it worked for you.

Good luck, and fair seas! 


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