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Clan Drydock

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Ok, so looking at the Drydock for you clan. First, go in and take a look at each of the 6 levels of it.

Slot 4, 5 and 6 have all got a Ship in it.

Slot 4 is either the Atlanta or the Flint.

Slot 6 is the Stalingrad, based on the guns, funnels, length and bow shape, and having watched a few video's of her in action....

Using questionable logic, Slot 4 is the Flint and this means the ships in Drydock are the ships purchasable with steel.

So whats in Slot 5?

It;s a very distinctive Bridge tower, funnel and gap between them. The stern is rather busy with what looks like AA emplacements....

Is that Alaska? Have ween just been quietly hinted at that Alaska will be available for Steel?

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Slot 4 is Flint. No extra wing turrets aft of the rear funnel like the Atlanta has.

Slot 5 is the Alaska. Distinctive double hangar between the funnels like a RN BB. I have upcoming ship models shown in game using Aslains mod and it is Alaska.

Slot 6 is Stalingrad


I am hoping the Alaska is either FXP or coal, like Musashi. I have more than enough of both to buy her. I have no steel as I only play when I can and don't play competitively.

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22 hours ago, Thyaliad said:

Well if Alaska is steel only I imagine the NA server wouldn't be happy with that. :Smile_popcorn:

And I'm sure WG will never make NA player base unhappy. America after all.

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It was probably originally intended to be a steel ship, hence it's in the dry dock model.  I think the reason they didn't announce how the Jean Bart would be made available is because the backlash over Alaska potentially being steel only.

Pure speculation time here...  They have three high tier ships about to be released, Alaska (T9), Jean Bart (T9), and Bourgogne (T10).  They are due a new steel ship for players to work towards with a new CB season starting soonish.  They also would like to make another ship available via coal only since Salem has been out for a while now, and of course they regularly put free xp ships out.  I suspect they originally intended Alaska to be the new steel reward (there's been rumours of such since it was announced, and the dry dock is another piece of circumstantial evidence), Jean Bart to be free xp, and Bourgogne to be coal.  However with the pre-backlash over Alaska (apparently a popular ship in the US for some reason) being steel only they now have to rejig how those three are made available, and they still have yet to decide exactly how they will go with that - hence the non-commitment over the Jean Bart method of purchase.

I think they feel they have to release Alaska as free xp.  This means they need another steel ship.  They have a couple of options there - use one of those two ships, or use an upcoming ship they had scheduled for something else.  There could be a left field option where Alaska is free xp, but they quickly make up USS Guam (sister ship) for steel with similar attributes but a different gimmick.  I suspect Bourgogne will be coal, because they may be reluctant to make another T10 ship as a reward for T10 play, after the Stalingrad issues (perhaps that is just me hoping they don't make that mistake again).  Jean Bart is the most likely out of the three to be steel, but that was probably the ship they wanted to release for free xp.  Given that they basically announced it's release (before they pulled it again for rebalancing) but refused to announce it's cost this is another indication of the possibility of a steel reward.

So all of that is nothing but complete guess work on my part - please don't take it as being grounded in any sort of facts.  It is interesting to speculate though, and I am curious which way they will end up going.

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