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My Suggestion: focus on improving gaming experience

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It's one thing to cry for what you want, it's another to care for the game's future. 

The following suggestions are intended for WG managers and directors,

      (You may wander how a new player would come up with this kind of suggestion,  actually I was in WoT beta, that make almost ten years with WG, as a customer. Some employers sure go beyond that but should be enough to make my point. One will not give suggestion to things he believe will never change,  the recent carrier work show something is still alive in the company. That's why I decided to give my opinion now)


My suggestion is to sit back in your chair and recall, what made WoT and WoWS popular? 

Is it because it's balanced like The Star-craft 1? 

Maybe not.

Is it because it's so much cheaper than any other game?

Maybe not.

Most of your customers will tell you:

Because it was fun.

    People so often pay to have fun, only the ones that had fun, will pay you back.



It's very easy to forget that in general, balance and fun usually go against each other. 

      Take some time look at videos from early wows or in beta. game was not remotely balanced when compared to today's version, yet everyone was having fun, isn't it ?  Plus your don't really have to play your ship like a tank,  you play a ship like a ship. 

      (If a captain tell you he had to angle his bow armor to tank enemy shells in real life sea battles you'd think this guy's crazy. )

Keep making a game more and more balanced does not necessarily make it more appealing to your customer, in most cases, make your game boring as players can only have fun through painful grinding and stressful learning from mistakes. When this effort to fun ratio break certain point, players will start to leave your game as they feel "not worth it".

          That is precisely what I noticed as WoWS public test progresses. It is getting boring. 

 Today this ratio of effort to fun is going beyond many people's tolerance level, if you spend some time read  comment from  new steam users, it's a clear fact .

        1. Instead of a perfectly balanced e-sport which is stressful for casual players. Focus your limited resource to provide more fun and exciting moments to your customers.





One example that affects player experience: 


When  player buy a special captain, and uses it. Everyone's captain in battle speak in that special captain's voice. 

Is it a bug? I will say it is. Yes this is not a show stopper.  It IS indeed a bug that have serious negative effect on players gaming experience. To leave this kind of bug unattended you may as well go ahead and tell your players direly that: "sorry this game is old and we don't have enough programmers to work on this kind of issue, or we are simply not motivated to fix that,  just get over with it."  You can see how bad that sounds.

Instead of exciting, the emotion is annoying, and puzzled. Your paid players wonders whether they paid for a half-finished product.  It ruins the whole "I paid for a special thing" experience.  This player will be less likely to buy more "special" captains for their voices. => You have less income. 

To make matter worse this issue have been brought up by a new player in this very section but all he got  was "it is not a bug".   

captain_voice(x); x=1;  to captain_voice(x); x=7;  Are we trying to cut corners?  Don't want to  create another captain_voice_self(Y)  separately? Or just because we don't want to run debug again?  You have done that much work in recording and are always proud of your game's sound effects been real and professional, to the last finishing touch, ending it with corner-cutting solutions is such a pity. 

At least don't leave it in sunlight?

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