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High tier struggles

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Ah hello!

So I recently got Iowa and a couple more tier 8 cruisers and I have to say, I am struggling.

I made it my mission to get a couple of the lines to a certain tier before progressing to the next tier so that I could learn to play the game properly (that wasn't the intention of course)

So now I have Iowa, Buffalo, Chapayev, Ognevoi, Cleveland, Edinburgh, Bismarck and Hipper. A lot of these cruisers I got close together and after accumulating about 20-30 games in them I realised that I need help.

My average damage in the TIER 9 Buffalo is very concerning (19,742dmg) compared to my Tier 3 cruiser Varyag average (19,203) WTF

Three of the cruisers I have are radar cruisers and so I often try to fulfil the support role, radar behind islands when the team is advancing into a cap and then stay around the middle of the pack as we push through. If the approaching force is stronger then we'll retreat with island cover but too often I find that I can't get into positions to take advantage of radar without a battleship sniping my broadside from across the map. If the cap gets abandoned and the enemy team is advancing I often that I am stuck behind the island having to show broadside to get out of the position which results in an obligatory deletion off the face off the earth. This is made even harder with the Buffalos complete sh*t stock range of 14.1km, I can't upgrade (credit issues) and it makes it impossible to retreat effectively and having to get waaaaay too close to the enemy. I just can't find a way to play the Buffalo specifically. Then you also have Khabarovsk who decide to run all the way down the side of the map, spot you while you're parked behind the island, the bb across the map snipes you, then the HE cruisers lob shells over the island and your dead. (this has happened several times (yes the khaba running down the side of the map happened 4 times)) I am also struggling with Iowa. The Citadel is like a magnet, and the superstructure a matchstick. I try to bow on tank, even 15-16km from the nearest cruiser and I end up dead 5-8 minutes later from fires (yes with effective dmg control use) It feels like unless the team can push the flank or at least hold it, then any non-km bb ship will be wiped off the map by the enemy team who either hides behind islands without getting spotted while im spotted by planes and rogue dd's or rushes down the cap. PLZ HELP, you don't want me to be the potato on your team so please give me advice on how to play Buffalo and tank in this world of fire and ultra-long ranged sniper battleships. I feel that if my damage in Iowa doesn't improve I may need to resort to a long-range sniper purely to save me some credits and dignity.

Btw, this is a replay for the buffalo where I knew the risks but I had couldn't find any other choice but to turn and then I got detected and deleted. It might as well have been an escape room for all I was concerned


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33 minutes ago, ellofiend said:

My average damage in the TIER 9 Buffalo is very concerning (19,742dmg) compared to my Tier 3 cruiser Varyag average (19,203) WTF


34 minutes ago, ellofiend said:

Three of the cruisers I have are radar cruisers and so I often try to fulfil the support role

NO. you see boi, youre in ASIA server. You dont give support or youre just fueling your own bad luck. You only support if the aggressive guy is your division mate OR if the dd knows how to shoot guns and he was shooting recently. If NO then only use radar when enemy target is inside your radar range and you can fire at it without any risk. Otherwise if you think about damage your only job is to hide behind island, forget your team and shoot battleships. killing people's HP is your only job as a cruiser. 

If you dont get island that favors you, NP, you can use Kite Tactic, and still deal 100k+ damage before you die. 

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High tier gameplay is a lot more passive than t5-7. My advice for Buffalo (and note my WR is only around 50%, and I've never played Buffalo - I leveled to DM via Balti at t9, so take it with a grain of salt) is to take your time (e.g. experiment with not shooting for ten minutes one match and see what happens, or only sail at 1/4 speed etc) and be mindful of your concealment at all times, and the number of ships, particularly BBs that are aiming at you.

Never sail in a straight line or at the same speed while detected. 

You can support the team by radaring caps from cover, and safe HE spamming from behind islands early on, and save your ap until later in the match for finishing off low hp BBs and CAs. The longer you survive in the match the more of a threat you become. 

With Iowa (one of the few ships I actually have a decent WR in) I think the speed is a double edged sword. It is too easy to get dangerously out of position early on and focused. My advice is to leave your throttle on 1/4 for the first 5 mins and see where the match is going. The speed will be a huge asset later on if you are still alive. You have decent concealment. Use it to disengage if you are being focused by cruisers, and just message your team to say you need a few repair cycles to restore all that fire damage. 

Be patient, particularly early. Enemy HE spammers behind islands are only a threat if their team has a points advantage and they are defending a cap. If you are winning or it's even then don't engage. They will come out into the open eventually. 


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i think buffalo have heavy cruiser usn ap shell that can deliver easy citadel damage. its better avoid dd hunter on buffalo because it have 12 second reload, if dd only 2 or 1 then you can hunter it.average dpm in buffalo is worst in my stats too, just get upgrade range first. 

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Play it like you play a light cruiser without smoke and stop running around all the time.

Like any light cruiser without smoke , you spend your time hoping between islands and stay away from open water. The backturrets are for CQC and hopping shells from behind islands only.

If you have played atlanta , it is the same.

So pick a flank that has landmass to run between , has allies that wont abandon you and you are golden , anything else and you are screwed.

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giving support is not a issue, but how, when and what to give is the issue ... no; front line fast and light ships seldom need your Radar .. that is for defense more than offense .. what the frontline need is suppression fire so they can stay inside area and cap and keeping the enemy away from spotting range and that usually mean guns had to be in a position where they can have the fire arc and distance to effectively drive enemy away.

And stay behind island as so many of todays guns do , this just do not happen and consequently the CL / DD will not be ale to maintain a front and as you've noted then the enemy push through, period. Yes its kind of hard but to be able to avoid such you have to first be aggressive and drive enemy away and that means guns need to be tanking and pushing.

If your play style is to stay back, then likely you will not endear those who need to be up front, and likely they will not support you either ( I know I play DD, whenever I see guns that just sit back, I pretty much ignore them as they constitute nothing and contribute nothing to the front ). This is how it is on the Asian server, support is welcomed but the kind of support likely is not what you've been giving, and, whether you are willing to go up front ( which mean you will need to tank, push, and brawl ) typically address the part whether the light force see you as ally or just by stander.

The other part is to know about the enemy concealment ; Radar had limited range and limited time span and cool down means a lot of the time its not even there to help. But when playing Domination , the whole capping period is when the light force really need support not just the time the Radar light up.

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