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the County class cruisers

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Well, I'm kinda guilty about not badposting the predecessor for the Yorks but why not~? 


I was kinda holding back because LOTS OF STUFF needed to be sorted on these lumpy things and I wish I had the book by Friedman






Well... one of them here. This is HMS London (69)





Here's the Kent. I SERIOUSLY RAGE AT TRIPLE FUNNELS. Emerald be damned.


So there's WNT and there's the cruiser clause that the things need to be within 10, 000 long tonnes and a maximum armament of 8 inches/203mm within the damn clause. And what better way to face the drawing boards than to start crunching how-to's so the damn things will be fine enough so it'll sort of 'work' for the meantime? The result? The County cruisers.


Well... almost as a single unified class since this line was slated to have four subclasses...



.. the Norfolk being one of them.


There were four subclasses: the Kents, the Londons, the Norfolks, and the cancelled Surreys because coffers ran dry hurr need moar better heavy cruisers than the Counties were needed. The Kents made up of the Kent, Berwick, Cumberland, Suffolk, Cornwall and the heavy cruisers for Australia being the Australia and the Canberra. The Londons made up of London, Devonshire, Sussex and Shropshire, whilst the Norfolks included Norfolk and Dorshetshire as well as the Surreys Surrey and Northumberland. While they all belong to the County class because the names are of the UK's counties, and somehow Australia (and NZ) were part of it. No seriously, they called these cruisers "Design A" which meant they probably had more design circlejerking which probably had a lot of crazy lolwats. User HMS_Formidable at NA threw some info raids on these what-if's so feel free to visit there


The County cruisers had eight 203mm guns in AB-XY, some 4 inch guns that differed on each ship, a bunch of 12.7mm HMG's and 533mm torpedo tubes whilst their protection had them 4.5 inches of belt which was sort of acceptable at the time with the London and Norfolks having 3.5 inches of belt, about an inch or more of turrets and some decent bulkheads on some of the cruisers and all of em could run at 31.5 kts with the exception of London running 32 because she was sort of lighter.


About the heavy cruisers...


Apparently there's this weird hullabaloo about how'd they needed the things to conform to their wants and needs that they need a heavy cruiser that was practically their heavy arm when battleships couldnt be afforded to sail in and they needed rapid action as they had offshore colonies... so why not try to tweak the ships in each subclass? That sort of resulted in differing things on each County, the Kents, being numerous, weren't that heavily refitted as they still were fairly "new" in ship standards. London and Norfolk are the 'weird' ones out in the mix as they were different in regards to silhouettes... I mean London had two funnels and a refit that made her look like a flippin Crown Colony light cruiser because their superstructures are decent enough yet... didnt have their planned refitting that made them a bit more tougher compared to the Kents. I now regret as to why I threw the whole class now...



Here's London



And Shropshire.




Cornwall sank during the Easter Raid along with Dorsetshire, Canberra had to be scuttled due to heavy damage during the Savo Island brawls and the rest served pretty much well with grit and distinction.


In-game wise, I'm actually expecting Kent having three hulls, the 30's hull as hull A, the slightly better hull in '41 or '42 as a Hull B and Hull C will probably combine a mix of both Norfolk and a London which is likely Shropshire since London herself will likely be a premium with the tier being tier 6. the chances are for the County being really OP is divisive at best since 4.5 inches of belt mean that battleships scoff at you and light cruisers close enough like the Nurnberg can hurt you bad and the first heavy cruisers Furutaka and Pensacola can thwack you easy.


Badpost.exe has now stopped.

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