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How to spec Jack Dunkirk for British BB

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After looking through the forums, I found some of the builds for Jack Dunkirk to be unclear/confusing.
So I plan to use him for BBs like Nelson and Warspite so I want to know the ideal way to spec him without a confusing explaintion.

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Well you take both EM and JoAT.

My Jack Dunk has (at the moment) PT, JoAT, EM, SI, CE 

Future plans to take: FP, AR, EL in that order.


Priority Target, self explanatory (why not Priority Maintenance? You don't lose your main guns often and you don't have torpedo tubes to begin with).

JoAT, EM (for Jack Buff).

SI, CE, FP (standard UK BB build)

AR (since you take damage really well)

EL (expert loader, british BB switches AP/HE a lot).

That's my 19 points plan. Hope it makes sense.

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