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WG please count Arms Race for t10 special upgrade missions

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As per title. This really bugs me - I love Arms Race. So much fun. But am trying to grind special upgrades and nothing I do in Arms Race counts towards them. 

Is this a bug? If not, what is the logic?

Please change this

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I believe that Notser said in one of his vids. The Arms Race mode is a “test”, and as such does not have archievements or missions in them yet.( With the exception of the British arc missions).

This has annoyed many people because;

A. Testing is what the Public Test Server is for.

B. WG were not very clear that this was a ‘test’.

C. How accurate can the test be anyway when most people stop playing it when they realise that they can’t grind the legendary mods on them? Arms race was apparently supposed to help the T8s by alleviating them of so many T9 and 10 battles. But most people playing T10 at the moment are doing so to get the legendary mods. Which cannot be grinded in Arms Race. Work that out.

Hopefully WG are smart enough to realise this and don’t do something like “we removed Arms Race because not enough people played it”.

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I stopped playing it after 5 games. 

No legendary grind means no point playing it. Game time is limited with real life stuff. Gota make the most of it. 

I grind legendary mods in ranked :) 

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Its proper silly that Legendary Upgrades can be grinded in Scenario where to my knowledge there's never been a scenario that permits T10 ships, but can't be grinded in Arms race where you can -only- play T9 and T10 ships. 

That's just poor logic and detrimental to both the game and experience and the aims of whatever WG is testing for. If you want to run arms race as a test, you ideally want more people playing arms race so that you may collect more data.
Not permitting Legendaries to be grinded curtail the number of people willing to play that mode. Its a lose-lose for everyone.

And for Khorne's sake release a legendary upgrade for Haragumo, she's a tech tree T10, even if you could somehow justify no Legendaries for Premium T10s like Salem and Stalingrad, Haragumo absolutely deserves one. WG knew the Haragumo release was in the works when they declared the Legendaries. Why wouldn't they have one in mind for Haragumo ? 

I rarely voice frustrations at WG but this is just poor showing.

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