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A little suggestion. I hope I can look at it.

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      I am a sub-sports player. I have some small suggestions for this 0.7.8 revision.
First: Is it possible to design a ship tungsten? For some collectors, there are always some ships that he wants. But they don’t often go out to fight in the port. They just like collecting.
      It seems that the port will not be too messy. Too much boat is also a problem. In addition, some favorite boats.
      Can't use it. But it's not sold. If you like this, you can also collect the ship tungsten. Please consider
Second: This time there is a sale of the guild patch. I would like to suggest whether the guild can develop its own flag. Each guild
      Have their own flag. Represent your own guild. Also represent your own guild honor. Are you saying yes?

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I feel like I'm reading text taken out straight from google translate.

Well I'll try to comment anyway. First part I don't really understand, do you mean ship models? Models which can't be used in battles but just sit in port? But you can already see models of all ships even those you don't have yet

Second part, I think it's a good idea. It's like clan's patch on tanks in WoT. We should also have clan flag in WoWs. Dont know about technical side (possibility of implementation) of it but it Should be interesting to have.

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