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Rina_Pon at 4k games. OMG how did we get here already!?

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The last 1k blew past really quickly. Spent a lot of time on the Go Navy event as it coincided with the Ibuki grind and summer vacation. Somewhere in there I went from being a T8-10 newbie to being able to hold my own in a T10 match even in a T8 Mogami. And Zao? That ship is so powerful it's downright terrifying.

Since the Royal Navy event started though I've seen my WR drop. It's very inconsistent, and a lot of really screwy games, like tanking 1.5 million in my Furutaka but ending the game on less than 8k damage or teams that literally hide behind islands as I rush a cap in a Scharnhorst. Hey hum, it doesn't matter. I have my ships and all my toys, I'm just here for the lulz now.

If anyone's interested feel free to ask me anything about the IJN cruiser line T5-9, post Zao:

Furutaka : a great little do-it-all fighter. Never gets old:


Aoba: takes some re-thinking to fully maximize the benefit of the gun range and rate-of-fire, seems underwhelming at first, but Aoba is a sturdy ship that packs a punch.

Myoko: first taste of the 5 turret, 2x2x4 torp layout that is the mainstay of the line though to Ibuki. The more I play Mogami, the less I like the brick-like handling, high surface detection, and glacial turrets of Myoko, but it's a strong ship in T7 MM.

Mogami: took me a while to tune the build, but with 203mm and CE and rudder shift mod 1,2,3 it's probably my favorite currently. Being sneaky is good. But being nimble and sneaky is just so much better. ^_^

Atago: useful for captain re-training, but a fun ship in her own right. The forward-firing torps and heal are the standouts. Otherwise it's a stealthy Myoko.

Ibuki: same basic platform again but better AA, faster torps, and stronger armor. I feel I haven't tapped the full potential of this ship yet though.

(I am still tweaking Atago and Ibuki, thinking about switching out concealment for rudder ship there too, like I did for Mogami, lingering questions about best captain builds...)

But enough about that. WoWS is a really nice looking game. Did you know that? I upgraded my gfx card recently to a RX570. It now sits at 75 fps (60 Hz refresh) at max settings with no dips. With the UI turned off it's quite cinematic ... 


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