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Do I get banned before you can fix this garbage patch?

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Honestly what are you done to the game? 
1. I start the game and get crashed after loading
Uninstall all mod files and re-login then get crashed again 

2.installed mods ,login,start the battle . Uninstall all mod files and re-login

3  Get crashed again 

4.Use wgc check tool make wgc_report


I am red account right now and soon I will be permanently banded due inactive in the game





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Dont go in battle if your pc crashes once after update. Its already messed up and u need a reinstall. Its just your pc cant read WoWs file properly due to corruption. and its common after any major update.

the patch also ate my system. and i use low end 8 years old laptop that doesnt have video card, all depends on 2 ghz chipset.

After the update i also had same problem, without mod, I try entering battle and it keeps loading forever (for 20 mins) and crashes when battle ends. thankfully i taken action about it before getting Orange name.

If minor crash then it should be fixed by deleting Preferences.xml And preferences.xml.bak. if not then go for hard way.

Now listen.

if your hard disk is old, or you are not using "Primary Drive" but using a Logical drive to keep world of warships, then patch made your files scattered in your hard disk. (idk but my defraggler said it). Dont frag your drive because it will f*#k up more, i tried. Now try copying whole world of warships to a Primary drive. Copy pasting has good chance of rearranging the files so hard disk can read it faster. (Windows + Pause will open disk management and tell you which drive is primary, boot, and logical).

What I did is my friend told me disk can read from primary better than logical so I took away some space from primary drive and create another drive of 65 GB, and reinstalled WOWS in it. it runs better with 25 fps now. 


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