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HARUGUMO skill for her any idea ?

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This is my preferred Harugumo build.  Note I take range mod over reload mod, this gives 14.6km range (necessary against large targets, it's easy to hit reliably at this range), this means I don't need to use four points on AFT.  IFHE is a must, as is AR and SE.  Choosing between BFT and DE, I think DE is a clear winner, since you lose a touch of damage against DD's while gaining massively against other ship types (a 50% fire chance increase, DE has more effect on IJN 100mm guns than any other mid-high tier gun because of it's high fire rate and low stock fire chance).

The only real decision is whether you want to drop CE and go pure standoff gunboat and get BFT or AFT/reload mod.  I personally think the ability to surprise DD's and overpower them, and the increased ability to cap makes CE the better choice.

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While you do not need IFHE as a core anymore, but you want that. IJN 100mm with IFHE pens up to 32mm.

My pick would be PT, AR, SE, CE, IFHE, BFT, AR.

IMO, you do not need DE on ships with very high RoF, you shoot so much you always set fire anyway. Besides you always use the two fire flags + deto flag ofc. There is only so much fire you can set on one ship.

AFT could be taken but as far as I remember your shells lose a lot of weight due to air drag coefficient and its not really useful apart from "trying to get AA rating higher up".

BFT only provides ever so slight improvement per salvo, but when you land 400-500 shells over the entire duration of the game, BFT adds quite a substantial amount of benefit along with AR and reload mod. Although you should try to avoid taking damage, so AR isnt always a factor. One alternative could be Vigilence. Sounds weird, but Harugumo dies to random torpedoes a lot, and you may want that extra reflex time when camping in smoke.




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