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Legendary Module - Base XP Calculation

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Working towards getting legendary modules for T10 ships - on the last stage which is to get 40K of Base XP. I noticed that even though I have Premium account the Base XP being accumulated is for the 'Without Premium' account - screenshots attached. Has anybody else come across this issue? What do you think the Base XP should be if you have a Premium Account? Any feedback would be appreciated.

Example below:

First screenshot - Before match had 22278 Base XP

Second screenshot - After match got 899 (without Premium) and 1349 (with Premium)

Third Screenshot - shows I got only 899 accumulated when I have a premium account - I thought I should be getting 1349!

Conqueror XP - Co-op1.png

Conqueror XP - Co-op2.png

Conqueror XP - Co-op3.png

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As I understand it, the base XP is what everyone would get, so 899 in your case. Premium account is a modifier, it just acts before any of the others do, increasing their yield. But it itself is 150% of BASE XP.

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