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IJN gunboats

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What's the best way to play the IJN gunboat line?

Right now, I'm running Hatsuharu with PM, LS, BFT and CE. I try to play it like a torpedo boat most of the time since I know the guns aren't that good yet, but I'm not really sure. 

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Until you reach akizuki, play like a torpedoboat. Your skill set looks okay for 10 points. BFT might be swapped out for SE or Superintendent but that depends on how you play.

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hi there Rurikon,  I'm a newby too (6 months) ... maybe a noob depends on who's looking :).  Anyway here's my experience so far, to the experts, hey this works for me!

I have started from the DD and am now just working on Cruisers 5 so far including Atlanta and Cleveland. My only BB's are Warspite  and Scharnhorst. mainly IJN, USS and KM, but I'm not going past tier 8 (well not until I'm "got gud").

I started off in IJN DD and found out that you are at a huge disadvantage with low level captains, or at least by not including RL (radio locating) which means a minimum of Lvl 14. That was about 3 or 4 weeks ago, and that was a pivotal moment when I added that to my play. I had a heads up on what was around, and then changing from PM to PT added more intel. (I now generally don't battle until the captains are at least level 14).  I then decided to grind my Minekaze to level 19, and that gave me more options. I have since shifted that captain to Fubuki then Akatsuki. Fubuki was ok, Akatsuki not so great. All about 50% WR.

 Ok I'm getting a bit side tracked, but will get back to that.

I've been reading the posts on how bad the rank battles were, so last week I tried my only T8, a Cleveland and a 12 pointer captain (against my ideals) but had to give it a go. Anyway got down to lvl 18 and that was about as far as I could go.

So Friday I thought I would buy the Kagero and transfer my 19 pointer as well. Wow the RNG gods smiled on me from Friday until today!!!  and I'm still smiling. 7 or 8 battles later down to 15. topped the teams score 3 times and top 3 for the rest. I would have sunk 3 ships in every game. Hell have I "got Gud"??   no not really, but maybe having found the build that works for me was good. Admittedly the Kagero is a jump up, a better ship, but also the other ships are too.

My Builds that seemed to have helped me play better are PT, EM, Super, RL and CE, for my level 14 IJN DD captains.

Why PT over PM? I have a few extra seconds to react to someone who is about to fire on me, and is far more proactive than PM (reactive). Also DD's being so low in health you are either wiped out totally, or left with Sweet F All health anyway.

Why Expert Marksman over LS?  The gun traverse in IJN DD are bad, especially when trying to run or get caught out, you want to be able to fire back. Again proactive, you have a chance to sink or hurt/ put off the other guy and survive.

Super over BFT? same reason. you rely on smoke to hide or get away. better to be able to smoke up and try and disappear. Generally this is true across all my 14 point captains.

I then add the BFT and LS to make the 19 points of an IJN captain.

So the Japanese DD line is a torpedo boat (as far as I have reached) and stealth is the name of the game here, be the sniper. Once you have this sorted and move (intergrate) into the more gun boat lines, a "stealthy" Gun boat can cause even more damage.




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About your captain skills:

PM good, some players may pick PT

LS good for any DD

BFT focuses on guns, which in Hatu’s case are not good. Could consider SI, potentially TAE.

CE good

I'm not sure about RDF, most players would use RDF to hunt DD’s, ie on a cruiser or gunboat, not on a torp boat. RDF shows you only the direction to the closest ship, not what type of ship, distance or speed... or if anothree3 ships sail behind it. Instead of using RDF, I would recommend learn how to switch on “last postion” on your map and learn to read the map properly. Understand the game and you will be able to figure out a lot regarding ship positions and movements.

I doubt you want to play coop until you have a 19 point captain, that just sounds ridiculous to me. Sure, flags and skills make a difference. A 10 pointer captain makes a big difference, because of CE. Training a 19 pointer would be part of the learning experience for Random or Ranked. Coop is poor preparation for Random/Ranked.

In general, for torp boats, captain skills that increase guns seem a waste. On a lot tier IJN EM or BFT/AFT just doesn't sound right. IJN low tier torp boats have weak guns, even with modules and captain skills the gun-boat DD’s will kill you rapidly. You achieve more by increase already strong sides of a ship using flags and captain skills.

This will be a good start to decide on captain skills: http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Hatsuharu

If you move your captain up, when you unlock new ships, look a few ships ahead and see what skills are recommended. This will avoid retraining costs.

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For IJN gun, the line actually start from T8 akizuki, kitakaze and harugumo. All share the same gun 100mm. They have special HE with 1/4 HE penetration which effectively make them equal to 150mm light cruisers HE.

Therefore, similar to light cruisers it benefits greatly taking IFHE skill. I would recommend a least 14 points captain for above ships.

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Just be Careful in selecting EM first over LS. I play DD quite a lot and already in tier X PADD and I can tell you there has been many times LS saved me from certain death. Engine and rudder is very important to DD. Even on anshan with its 30 sec 180 degree turn I still prefer LS first

Given the low armor of DDs,Module damage can come very early and repeatedly in a firefight, its very uncommon for you to kill enemy DD first before your rudder or engine knocked out when both of you start engaging from full health, especially if enemy DD has support (most of the time he will.have)

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