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Daily Containers

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Going straight to the point when I want flags I'd choose more signals and camouflages... same goes for each category of containers.. now when you say more resources I'd think of coal ofc... coal!!! I don't want anything else instead of coal... I'd be happy if you give me 1 steal because it is also a resource but why do you give me flags in resources???? Why?

now I'm okay with free xp but why flags? there is separate category for flags!!! if I want flags I'd choose it... (nvm the campaign duplicate we get it in every container regardless of what we choose)

I'd call Coal, Steel, Free xp, Commander xp, Credits(it has its own category of container) but please give me more coal instead of flags I got tons of flags.. I don't need more I can play thousands of games and still not run out of flags... I want coal instead of flags...

End of rant...




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I tend to stick to "more resources" or "more signals and camos" depending on my needs at the time.  Im always happy with a nimber of flags or camo in anything and the more resources tends to give the economic flags so that's a bonus.

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