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Ribbon board

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So, A while ago patches were introduced to the game, along with special badges that can be worn instead of a patch that show a certain level of achievement, like being top three a certain number of times etc. The problem is you can only wear one at a time and with so many players having achieved various levels of this the badges are hardly unique. How about instead of having the badges, everybody gets to have a patch and beneath the patch there can be added a ribbon board with ribbons that can display these various achievements. so for example you could have a Soviet command ribbon level one, then Soviet command ribbon with Bar. you could also add ribbons for participating in various campaigns and events much like like the theatre ribbons awarded in real life for service in various campaigns and regions. I know there are the badges in game dreadnought, first strike etc, and the ribbon bar wouldn't replace these, but it would be a nice way for experienced players to display their achievements in a vary quick to read format, so when the message comes up showing the patch of the player that sank you and you see a packed ribbon board beneath it you know the person has been around a while and achieved a few milestones/levels of skill. I'd be keen to hear others thoughts on the idea

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