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Matchmaker and rewards

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I have had a few discussions with WoW regards the matchmaker.  I don't know if you guys have experienced this, or if its how Wow chooses to play the game.  After nearly a year of discussions, what I gather from the verbiage is that the matchmaker tries to match the ships according to a number of variables - all controlled by WoW - such as ship strength, armour, design, firepower, etc, the usual, and pretty much expected.  The idea is to try to match the teams as evenly as possible.  If this were so, then one would expect losses and wins to be reasonably close to each other, for instance, maybe 60/40 losses at the most, but no more than that.  My recent experience since they have altered the matchmaker is incredible.  Out of 20 team games we lost all but 2.  Out of 15 games we lost all but 1 (this is not the standard, but its getting more common).  This has not been encouraging.  The best result the teams I have played in had a 3/5 win, which was amazing because it seemed so out-of-character for the matchmaker, but it proved it can be done, the matchmaker can match teams more effectively.  Since this amazing win/loss, it has gone back to frustrating, as in today where I have played in 8 teams and lost all so far.  It is this variable that has had my friends most critical about the game.  Now there is no way one can measure the players individually - which would be great - so when you're in a team of players at tier 6/7 you would think that they have at least some experience. Even though this is a variable that cannot be included in the matchmaker the 3/5 loss proves that there is something not right here.  It tells me that the matchmaker is capable of making better matches.  My question is - and please I don't want to hear from anyone who thinks this is a grudge, only constructive ideas and answers please - is anyone experiencing something similar? The answer could be in information I have not yet been able to lay my hands on, so if someone can explain it to me with not to much of the tech and IT involved, it would be great.

My second question refers to the rewards in the game.  I love the increased rewards, but something appears not right.  I'm not yet quite sure of how it all works despite the videos etc, since WoW has introduced a new level of rewards, but am I dreaming, or is it more difficult to get more points that increase XP and exchange credits vital for getting other ships?  I get coal and steel and some other WoW currency, which seem to have slowed down my ability to get more vital points.  There are all kinds of other rewards - flags, and other paraphernalia etc, paraphernalia which really have nothing to do with points except bits of history - which is great.  It appears that rather than getting more exchange credits I get coal, which reduces the credits I can get markedly.  It happens the same with XP credits, and does the paraphernalia also slow down the points one could get - one would think not??  When I exchange the coal and steel and other rewards, it appears less than what I could have earned if I didn't get coal steel and other new rewards (based on games played when there were only XP and exchange credits).  My XP figure doesn't seem to move much now-a-days, and the exchange credits have moved even slower = given a similar number of games played when coal etc wasn't introduced.  Again, please, I'm seeking genuine answers not angry people because my questions may sound negative.  I love the game and after playing it for so long, these discrepancies seem to appear now and then.  I may be wrong, and if there is any information available to correct my thinking, I'd love to get it.  Thanks. 

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16 hours ago, brokentooth said:

Out of 15 games we lost all but 1

The MM matches ships by tier and type. Up to tier 4 there will be ships from 2 different ties, from tier 5, 3. And that’s already it. Ah yes, a division is matched by the highest tier ship.

What you seem not to realize is that there is no matching for the player skills. You could end up with one team stacked with great players, the other team with potatoes.

I see your WR is 46.3% in total. 48.2% in the last 21 days. So your “lost 18 of 20 games” cannot be correct for one day, but not long term. I think you should put a piece of paper next to you comuter and note the outcome of games, becaues it looks like you have the wrong impression.

Long strings of losses seem to plague the Asia server, everybody complains about it, even very good players.

I looked your stats and you seem to improve in all aread, good work, keep it up!

16 hours ago, brokentooth said:

My second question refers to the rewards in the game

Actaully, all that stuff like coal and flags you get on top of the XP or command XP you earn. And as you move up, higher tier ships earn more and more XP, even if it doesn’t feel like that, because new ships are also much more expensive.

Lower tier ship earn less, but you unlock them with maybe 10k XP. A T7 earns more XP, but for a T8 ship, you need something like 200k to 230k.

In my experience, at lower tiers you are quite OK when you play truly “for free”, ie no flags, camoflages or premium account. From T6, this gets more and more difficult to reach the next tier, unless you have PA, camos and flags.

Same with captain skills. Goes quick in the beginning, but you need more and more points to move up to the next level. First skill point 1.5k Command XP, 5th point 14k, 10th point 69k. See how that goes up? And really, you want at least 10 point captains for ships you play regularly.

When I started, I was wondering how players manage to train 19 points captains.

The answer is, they either take very, very long time, or they use PA, camos and stacked flags. With all this you can make over 20k command XP in a single good game. I think my record is 24k CXP in one game.

Not sure what level that is, but WG will give you 20 Dragon flags when you reach it, that’s +333% CXP. Use those wisely.

Many people find that earning credits is even harden than XP. But now consider this, a Missouri (premium ship) can make a million credits in one good game.

The question you have to ask yourself is thisy, are you willing to spend a looooong time grinding, or do you rather spend some money? If you have no money, the question is answered for you.

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Somehow MM never fails to add all the worse players on one side. That's why you often get strings of losses or wins. As a solo player, it's all about luck for being in the better team.

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