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Looking for suitable Clan

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I am fairly new to WOWS. I had a look at both WOT and WOWS a couple of years ago but never really took to it. 

I am ex-military with over 20 years service and understand tactics in a way, but the low tiers of WOWS have none of that anyway, I worked out it's every man for itself, hence why I am looking for a suitable clan to learn from.

Having made from what I gather as the usual noob mistakes like staring down the sight and not looking where I am going and running not only into other players but aground as well, not checking prior to releasing torpedo's or firing off a broadside being another. 

So I am from North Queensland, Australia and am available nearly every day and evening/night, so suggestions for clans would be appreciated. I am sort of over the children on here. Today I was hunting down a cruiser and one of my own teammates just started laying broadside after broadside into me, and it was no accident either as I ducked around behind an island and when I came out the other side I was hit again. I am not one to dob someone in, but it sort of spoils the xp building.

Cheers for any suggestions.

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