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New Non-Ship Class - Airfield Base & Artillery Base

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Pros :
1. Bigger air plane to bring bigger bombs (damage) or more bombs (more bombing hits)
2. Start from propeller air plane in Tier 1, end in T10 with Jet plane. Bigger HP, Durability & Speed.
3. More Air plane counts.
4. Because on Land, can't be attack by Torpedo.
5. Player choose it's hangar location to park it's airplane. Each type (fighter & bomber) has it own hangar.
6. No Hit Point (or Weak), but based on Hangar mechanic. For total destruction, enemy must destroy all hangars. For example, Fighter-1's Hangar got destroyed, another unit still can flight.
7. Strong Anti Air Gun.

Cons :
1. Long Reload timing.
2. Cannot play simultaneously with CV and Artillery Base (suggestion 2)
3. Fix location, each on the edge of the map. Easy target for Rush tactic and/or Long Range Cannon.
4. Not close to base, so each team must divide between protecting Spawn Base or Airfield Base in normal mode.
5. Hangar is easy to be destroy.
6. Fixed location, easily targeted and no concealment (always detected).
7. Have 2nd Battery to defend against incoming enemy ship, but weak and short range.


Pros :
1. Artillery Battery Cannon spread across the main land. For total destruction, enemy must destroy all batteries.
2. Bigger Cannons (better damage) than usual ship even from Tier 1.
3. Long Range cannon able to target all map sectors.
4. Because on Land, can't be attack by Torpedo.
5. Lethal against ship at close range.

Cons :
1. Spread location, unable focus shot on 1 target. Player can only control 1 cannon at a time, must switch via hotkey to control each cannon.
2. Weak against ship at long range due to based on the player accuracy skill.
3. Fixed location, easily targeted and no concealment (always detected).
4. Cannot play simultaneously with Airfield Base (suggestion 1)
5. Lack of Anti Air Gun power (none or minimum)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
I know it's World of Warship, it's all about sea battle. It just suggestion though, so if it stupid suggestion, then ignore it. I just felt it's cool though if adding more crazy element/idea/immersion into this game. I know a lot of people (maybe all people?) have a lot discontent about current balancing, so no need to address it in here.

Airfield Base & Artillery Base aren't available to all map. Have to be on a new map or selective placing on current map.
Maybe not start from Tier 1. Could be start on T6+ or T8+ when the map way more bigger size.

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