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3 hours ago, ShiraYukira said:

If you are good at that specific class of ship whats wrong with it ?

I main IJN DD come roast me
i suffered when radar came out
nowsaday in WOWS
not only desmoines is a threat
look at them CL
they hurt so much
that doesnt deter me from playing DD

if you are even so called good at it you should be able to play without getting so fustrated
don't talk to me about every 3 bloody minutes being radar-ed
have you been radar-ed continuously since the start for like 3 minutes straight? i don't find it so bad even tho im losing HP
im just playing my role eatting radar for life
i have been reported by a salty team mate who say im camping behind island doing nothing but im actually making the enemy using all their radars just to spot me
 im also in a position that prevents enemy from capping/ pushing

being a destroyer there are many things you can do and you can't do
with radar around it restricts you to a few option 
but this doesnt mean you are completely useless
you just need to play more and take a step back and think what you could have done instead of whining about Radar OP
radar in reality is OP and its not going away, the only thing you can do is to deal with it or just work around it !

Doesn't deter me from playing it either and I do all those things you mentioned including baiting the radar etc.

But in the end you agreed with what my original post was about and that is that radar is OP and if DD players have to deal with it to play the objective then they should be rewarded in kind.

Particularly in ranked where capping is critical to winning battles but you aren't rewarded as much as the campers who play to save their star.

You can say do this and do that but it doesn't change the facts.

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Active radar always giving out its own positions.

Radio Direction Finding (RDF) equipment could detect activated radar location much further than the same radar's own detection range.

WG have simply done a half job on Radar in WOWS, that is all. 


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Yeah - the thread is being locked and I'm going to go over it for Sanctions, locked as it's an attack on WG, things have gotten personal.

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