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Going from Chapayev to DM Donskoi: What gives?

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Hey folks,

                    So recently I made the decision of buying DM Donskoi as my first tier 9 and since I had a positive experience with my Chapayev, I was hoping the high would continue. Sadly though, I seem to be somewhat struggling.

Now on paper, the Chapy is to "supposed" be worse in every aspect except for gun reload and concealment compared to the DMD. Everything else and DMD does it better... or at least it should. Yet, I seem to be straddling that edge of my range rather than staying in the 12 to 14 km arc like I used to in Chapy.  Reason being? I seem to be eating a lot of cits/pens from all kind of weird angles, irrespective of how I angle her which forces me to kite from farther out. I fear the lack of faster reload and better concealment is reducing my capability to apply what I learned on Chapy to DMD and tier 10 BBs sure seem to know how to take advantage of that. What's worse is that IFHE seems to be trolling me as well. Of an average 100 shots I am firing, over 40 to 50 are breaking on impact which is further hampering my capability to positively contribute to my team.

Long question short; any veteran DM Donskoi players out there willing to share their tips and experiences with me? I know the ship isn't bad and I'm really loving my guns, or at least their firing solutions but past that, I seem to be struggling hard with the sudden influx of tier 10 heavyweights that seem to be slapping me around like a rag doll. Appreciate any and all opinions on the matter.

Thank you in advance.



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Tips : you have armour to survive in the middle of a turn , but not armor to play 12 guns under fire. Use 9 when under focus. 6 when someone have a hard on for you.

DM is much less responsive than Chapa in maneuverability , turn first before open fire.

Your AP and HE is insanely fast , dont be afraid to MLG snap from 14-16km , the 180mm has a lot more penetration and shell velocity retention than 152mm of Chapa.

Radar is your defensive tool , not offensive tool. Pop it to prevent dd from torping you , not flushing cap.

Fight further away than Chapa and you are very hard to kill. Slot range module if you feel you die way too quickly , otherwise slot reload.

Forget about the 4th turret , it has bad firing angles, 9 is enough most of the time. Your pin point accuracy and insanse shell speed make up for the lack lustre DPM.

You are still a support fire cruiser, never forget that.

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Nothing really, chappy is a better ship tier4tier.

Only better thing is you get access to t9 upgrade slot.

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