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Auto Resupply - my fault, a bug or shaddy ?

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Keep using my doubloon instead in-game credits or reserve. Many ship, I've used auto resupply function for the flag, camo & 2nd Tier consumable.
I've many reserve for that so in confident use the auto resupply function. For any reserve flag, camo or consumable lower than 10, I turn of the auto resupply so I won't making mistake using doubs.
FYI, not all flag & camo can be bought with in game credits. For example, the "ECONOMIC" flag can be bought with doubloons for 4~16 coin. While 2nd Tier consumable like Damage control party II can be bought with 22,5k credits or 15 doubloons.

so, why it keep using doubloons ?
I've been having this problem in the past. Sometime it's okay, it use reserve or in-game credits, but for rare time, it use doubloons.

1st, you can only pick one, cannot be combined with another option.
2nd, if the items not able to resupply by credits or doubloon or both, the option is it's grey out (can't be selected).

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Just leave it untick...


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Let them eat some doubloons already, I hate seeing most players having 40k doubloons in stash for showoff. I love the bug. 

just Untick it for every separate ships. they ate my db too I saved for unmounts :cap_viking:

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Just don't forget, if credit isn't an option, then doubloon is considered as in game currency. Which is applicable for economy signals and doubloon non-perma camo. Not for consumables, since the can be purchased by credits.

Also, always check auto resupply settings right after the patch. It's the first thing I do for every patch. Because patches often reset your previous choices.

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Just don't tick the box to prevent bleeding doubloons.

I personally would appreciate an option to pay for flags with credits. Simply because I have millions of credits saved up, which isn't that hard with a premium account and premium ships running flags to optimize credits.

But don't make it too complicated by having all these tick boxes. A mechanism similar to upgrades would be good.


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you can simply mount them every time before a battle if you are very concerned about your money

actually I have used any real money to purchase anything in the game

I buy camouflage when its on sale and mount it an every ship any the other.....

you can do the same on premium consumables too.....

hope it helps

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