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Interesting Ships Nicknames

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This is the list of ships nicknames that i found interesting from forum and WG official website.

Enjoy :Smile_honoring:


German Ships : image.png.522329739dd99f68b67ed842768363b1.png

Currywurst -   X Großer Kurfürst 

Fat Albert - III König Albert

Admiral Hipster -   VIII Admiral Hipper 

Shiny Horse -   VII Scharnhorst 

Derpitz, Torpitz -   VIII Tirpitz 

Freddy the Gross - IX Friedrich der Große

Bavaria, Bay - VI Bayern

American Ships : image.png.e65a55443298f54ff73e207140275a9a.png

Des Memes -   X Des Moines 

Lolanta -   VII Atlanta

NoCal -   VIII North Carolina 

Pepsicola -   VI Pensacola 

Cleave - VIII Cleveland 

Gut - VI Farragut

Craprado - VII Colorado

Saint - III Saint Louis

French Ships :image.png.5de366c7fc9706c46c01dd049253a536.png

Dunkek -   VI Dunkerque 

Gascannon -   VIII Gascogne 

Terrible - VIII Le Terrible

The Grass - VI De Grasse

Jean Fart, Bart - IX Jean Bart

Japanese Ships :image.png.6a0a9dbb360edcd1e029154aeb07af06.png

Furry Taco -   V Furutaka

Taco Banana -   II Tachibana 

Walkie Talkie - III Wakatake

Hat - VI Hatsuharu 

Soviet Ships :image.png.332adef38224f1662d45fa253f2f38ae.png

Gremlin -   V Gremyashchy 

Impregnator -   IV Imperator Nikolai I 

Kebab -   X Khabarovsk  

Mikhail Citadelovitch -   VIII Mikhail Kutuzov 

Stalingreat - X Stalingrad

British Ships :image.png.9e73108258635fdd08b9f79d797b69c1.png

Trollspite -   VI Warspite 

Conqkek - X Conqueror 

Miniature - X Minotaur

Jarvis - VII Jervis

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Vietnamese call the Grober Kurfurst - Goku ( short for  Dragon ball main char ) , Mikhail Kutuzov as Miku ( Hatsune Miku ) or AK 47 , Yamato as Hotel .

Tashkent is commonly refered to as Trashcan , Minotaur as Memetaur.

Lexington - Lady Lex

Enterprise - Big E

My clan usually call the Belfast the Payfast or just Bell chan.

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249 posts
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1 hour ago, RalphTheTheatreCat said:

Way back in Alpha when the T6 Cleveland was glorious it was referred to as the Cheatland.

Cleveland in tier 6, seems balanced enough for me.

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