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the Narvik destroyers

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I would want to run about Mogador but after running with Z-23 after a while, I'm gonna throw this out.





NOT THIS DESTROYER, YA GIT (Z23 is also one of the potential starter ships you get in Azur Lane)



THIS destroyer. Well... at least what US ONI warned people about.



Heeeere's Z39~


In regards on how2destroyer in Germany, its been a helluva ride. I mean tell me, how can you destroyer when you're still gagged by Versailles AND the fact that the WNT is still observed along with London I amendments? And if we look at it in the more rational aspect, the Germans loved subs more than their destroyers yet even that's limited. The answer? Deem Versailles bullshit and start chanting "more dakka!" within German shipyards.


Course THIS destroyer, the Type 1934 or some might call the Z1's, came out due to that chanting:



... and the Kriegsmarine was rather impressed despite the damn thing being rather big for their taste but WHO CARES? They had a destroyer class to call their own.


Now while this came out, some of the seagoing nations were also worrying about these things being theoretically better and started crunching out their own, one notable class were the Le Fantasques and eventually the Mogadors whose purpose is to kill other destroyers with their superlative dakka because 138mm guns HURR were bigger, faster and potentially tougher and this also reached Germany's ears and also started their own crunch on how2destroyer since they were practically free from their self-gagging... to the point that the 1934's got a 1934A and the 1936's had the better 1936A's which are the Narviks and even these had 1936A Mob designations as well as the different 1936B and 1936C. Seriously Germany dafuq with the Matryoshka type naming.


I mean LOOK AT THIS Z17 OF THE 1936. its roughly the Leberecht Maass on damn steroids.



And here's Z23. The only difference is that the Narviks lost their Bruno/B turret and this isn't including the fact that all of these things are going to be packing light cruiser guns. You read me, LIGHT CRUISER GUNS. You think the French contre-torpilleur destroyers are all that in their destroyer killing? Wait till they see 15cm armed Narviks.


The Narviks started from Z23 and ended with Z39, the ones starting from Z23 and ending to Z30 being the 36A's and the ones starting from Z31 to Z39 with the exception of Z35 and Z36 being the 36A Mob's. Don't ask why the Germans stopped naming their DD's after the 1936's tho.


The ruddy things were packing 128mm guns in single mount turrets of A-XYZ layouts as their intended guns were 150mm guns which were roughly the same ones used on the Koenigsbergs and the Leipzigs (Nurnberg was Leipzig's sister soo~) in the same layout albeit A turret would pack two of them, some of which actually found their way onto their respective ships within the 1936A's and 1936A Mob's, a pair of quad tube launchers packing 533's, some 37mm's for AA and 20mm's for close-in AA defense along with typical destroyer stuff like depth charge racks and minelayers. These things could run at 36 kts which is decent enough for its period.


About the destroyers...

The lumpy things weren't exactly hax but they were a culmination of the "more dakka" chant spurred on by the rapid rearming of the Kriegsmarine and they thought they had fixed all of the derpy problems their predecessors had like getting awash resulted in a gigantic derp of the ship's electrical systems or angle of list during a swell, and while they did fix some stuff like improved seakeeping and engine spacing, it kinda didnt help much in regards to the overall grit on the destroyers. the guns are fine and dandy but even here they didnt even bother with something like an enclosed turret, the things being just gun shields and the guns are loaded manually. Not helping that the 15cm guns also had this teeny tiny problem of ammo derp because the magazine on a destroyer can take only so much rounds but if the damn thing's packing that, its believed that its basically enough to thwack a destroyer back to port... paper wise anyway. Oh and lets not forget bout the G7a T1 torpedoes which, apart from being derpy yet very enduring torpedoes, had a really loud acoustic signature meaning ships with strong passive hydro can hear the things coming as well as literally see their white wakes. And they didnt even get to load the exotic 'acoustic torpedoes' the u-boats tested and packed.


Z23, Z25, Z29 and Z30 survived the war (I dont count what happened to them afterwards) whilst Z24 got bombed, Z26 got whacked during the attempted piracy against PQ-13, Z27 whacked during Operation Stonewall and Z28 got bombed as well out of the Type 1936A's whilst in the 1936A Mobs, Z31, Z33, Z34, Z37, Z38 and Z39 survived the war (again I don't count what happened to them afterwards) as Z32 died after Haida whacked the crap out of her after colliding with Z37.




Gameplay wise, I'm actually liking the Z23 as a destroyer as its roughly "there". My only problem is the rather agonizing stock grind as the 10.8km max range isn't exactly a godsend unless I beef it with AFT. I would have wanted the Z-39 but I got no money unless some kind soul gifts me one but I digress. The hydro is actually formidable on this lumpy thing and the torpedoes don't disappoint with their reasonable range and you can live with the 6.2km max concealment.


Derp.exe has crashed.

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3 hours ago, MatterCore said:

next French DDs :cap_look:

Badposted Le Fantasque yanno~

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I want a whole line of German 150 mm zerstörer. From all the historical features that the German zerstörer got in WW2, I can only see gun size being the main difference (like a typical light/heavy cruiser line split, but this time it's DD). Starts with T6 with 150 mm Ernst Gaede, ends with Spähkreuzer 1938.

Funnily enough, Z23 in-game actually has THREE guns set up. Hull A/B – Gun A: 4 single 128 mm guns (1 in the bow, 3 in the aft). Hull A – Gun B: 4 single 150 mm guns (1 in the bow, 3 in the aft, which was Z25, Z28, Z29 and Z30). And Hull B – Gun B: 5 150 mm guns (one twin in the bow, 3 single in the aft).

May even post a thread about it and several possible ship lines, but I'm lazy.

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