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Queries about a couple of aspects of WOWS

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WOWS is a bit lax in their explanations about some aspects of the game - a glossary of all terms with links to more detailed explanations would be a good idea in my opinion. 

A couple of aspects I would welcome any advice on are as follows:

1. What advantages (if any) do you get if you form or join a division? And what are your obligations if you join a division?

2. If you add a player to your Blacklist, what does that do? Does that mean any future team you join will not have that player or do a certain number of blacklistings by various players mean they incur some penalty?

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1/Ever heard of the term "fishing division" ?

By picking ships that complement each other , a division could realistically steam rolling a whole flank and win rate jump up significantly. Or ,  by playing with friends , gain superior coordination to play the map control game and win it.

You are not obligated to join one unless you play CV in high tier , in which solo play is almost suicidal.

2/ Black list do not incur penalties , you just disable messages from them , simple as that.

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1. Fun time with friends. Get in a division with your friends, get in a voice communication in discord or teamspeak, (or you could try the ingame one as well). You laugh together, derp together, kick asses together and have a good time (dont get drunk tho). Obligations? That depends on what your division mates expects from you. Also there are different types of division. Many people thinks by divving up, you can get better winrate, but it is one of the fallacies of wows. You need to form a special type of division to ensure wins. Given that all three players needs to be good players as well. There you'd be obligated to play well while knowing the capabilities of your divmates and optionally teammates. from my experience, team is irrelevant when you form a fishing div, unless countered by a fishing div in enemy team.

2. As Legionary said, it just blocks messaging from said user. Both in port and during matches.

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Divving up with better players is a good way to learn as well. Another set(s) of eyes on what you are doing.

One of my biggest learnings from a div was about learning when you do not need to push into an enemy for a win. Was an aspect I think I would have learnt a lot later if I was on my own.

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