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How I met your French

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Yep ... now I'm understand the feeling of Axis Force vs France in WW2.

4 Capture Points, 1 CV - 5 BB - 3 CA - 3 DD. T6-T8 match.
Enemy DD's try to cap, all shots down and sink, as no support by their teammate.
I'm capture D Point, no enemy here, but Gneisenau at long distance, unsure to charge or retreat.
Then enemy Air-Fighter try to scout & discover me, I plan to charge on Gneisenau ... ... ... he ran, but stuck on small island.
Try to chase him, but my teammate BB screwed my chance, he got nice Gneusenau's broadside, kill it. Back to spot duty.

Since use Gweny, try to find good angle to attack but all enemy gather at one place, near the edge of the map.
I can't shot of fear breaking cover as all "brave" enemy are so hungry to kill anything that move & me just a lovely weakling meat bag.
Then, try for another position to find the enemy blind angle. By the time I'm ready to take a risk, 1000 points are reach.

Grab 48k, pay for camo, ammunition & service for 40k. Net 8,000 credits. GG. :cap_like:

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