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That was weird

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Take a look at these two pictures , they are from the same match. I got lucky when i see the damage tick stuck at 99999 , thinking i got a nice number , i took the screenshot right after death.

Then when the match end , the damage shown is 100000 ????

What the ?
Can anyone give some insight about this ? I mean the system just take correction automatically, just weird.

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Well it is an Atlanta, so maybe a shell was still slowly floating in the air towards a target and eventually hit and did 1 HP damage after you finish the game. :Smile-_tongue:

Seriously though I have no idea. Maybe under certain circumstances damage value can get rounded up. Never seen that before.

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It's a common problem in computer science when working with real numbers. Sometimes rounding errors occer. Damage numbers are real values which are truncated to display like integer. While the in game counter is adding up damage score bit by bit, it's more prone to decimal round off error. Final score, the error is of less amount.

For example 10 can often be stored as 9.9999999.... so if you convert it to integer, it will show up as 9. While, it might as well be 10.0000000001, which will show up as 10.

Computer cannot actually represent true real numbers. Read more:


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Last point of damage was a salty tear in eye of one of the losing captains.

Little bit painful.

1 point damage as game ends.

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