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Any Feel Good Stories ?

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I thought I might lighten the mood 

Sometimes I get very frustrated with the game and then something happens that keeps me coming back.

A few days ago I was in a Minsk and was stuck spotted on one side of an island while on the other side was a Kronshadt blatting our CAs. So then I see him push forward and I drop a engine boost and turn to meet at the islands apex. He is 6 kms away when I turn the corner and then he realises I am there. I charge him, he starts to turn, I get within my 4  kms torps range and let them lose. He can not seem to hit me and he can not manoeuvre well enough to avoid a full salvo of fish. He is dead. I turn back behind the island and live. I am sure his team mates where as shocked as he was.

Anyway sometimes WG does make me smile

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Fun fact :
A minotaur detonate a GK from full health with its puny 152 mm AP.

A certain D guy here will tell you tales of making the impossible possible :cap_cool:.

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Getting a kill on a cruiser who has turned away from your torps, only to see him turn back into them while trying to get all his turrets on you after you fire a couple of HE salvos at him, never gets old.

Starting a game with a "First Blood" and "Devastating Strike" using RPF on enemy cappers certainly puts me in a good mood.

Actually to be honest there are a lot more things which make me smile about this game than are frown inducing. I wouldn't play otherwise!

edit: Plus I'm still in that stage of trying things out and having that "aha, that's how it works" moment is pretty fun too.

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In last 10 Yamato vs Yamato in 4 km battles I only lost once in CQC. Feels good to shove those 460s through the bow of someone else....

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