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Bug in Narai

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1. When shooting at ship`s you get the score before ammo hit`s the ship.

2. when shooting at ship`s in Narai you can see some of the ammo goes throw the ship`s you are shooting at.

3. Shooting the first 4 ship`s is fine but i found the next 2 or 3 ship`s after that is hard to shoot because it`s like lagging but it`s not lagging or high ping it`s just not letting me shoot when i push the mouse button, then it comes good again. This has happened       in 3 New Narai Missions, so it`s not just a one off thing that has happened.

4. Personal combat mission saying that you can score points for playing Narai But it`s not scoring as shown in picture below. You get the scores for all the another combat missions but not The GamesCom Mission. Played 4 game`s in Narai & the score has         not changed in The Personal combat GamesCom Mission.As you can see in the picture below Gamescom mission is not there.


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