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Atago Perma Stuck on a rock.

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Well, as the title suggests. My atago got permanently stuck on a rock with no way of getting out.

How to reproduce?

1) Use your atago (not sure with other ships)

2) Get on the map Neighbors.

3) Get to this spot on the map


4) Right before you hit the island head on, make a hard turn so your ship slides towards the rocks.

5) Well.. get stuck...

Normally, when you get stuck broadside on an island, you just have to move fowards or backwards to get out. However, this does not work in this case. I tried moving back and forth for over 5 minutes, no results. Just in case this is needed, I have no mods running. My assumption is that the ship slid towards the rocks too quickly and partially clipped into the rocks.

This occurred around 12:20 PM Malaysian time.

Here is a clip of me just moving back and forth with no hope of escaping... Sorry about the quality, I was in a hurry.


Here are the devil rocks..



Thanks for your time! :)



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