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Thoughts on scoring big XP in randoms and still losing.

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A pretty common complaint no? You are in the top three with mua points but your team loses and it can't possibly be your fault ...

I have two observations on this.

1. Actually it can still be your fault. XP is primarily given out for damage done, and its very easy for a good player to draw out a game and farm damage after most of his team is already dead and the game effectively already lost. IJN cruisers are especially guilty of this. Damage comes in two flavors, useful damage that leads to kills early in the game, and useless damage, for example on a BB who still survives to the end of the game. The game mechanics is such that damaged ships retain 100% combat effectiveness: no kill = no good. So don't look at the score, think back and reflect what you accomplished in the first 8 minutes of the game. Did you protect your DDs? Did you sink enemy ships? Which brings me to my second insight,

2. The most common way to guarantee a loss in random battles is to lemming train your BBs. I lousy DD or CA player on your team, while a significant handicap, can usually be overcome since on average the enemy team will have a couple of potatoes too. Having all your BBs break right or left  however is a strategic error of such magnitude that the game can be considered over before it even starts. Typically: 3-4 light ships DD/CA/CL steam off for the side of the map without BB escort, they get wiped and the enemy force pushes up through into your spawn to flank your main BB group who are pushing down together on the middle of the other side of the map. I seen this error made several times recently, it always lead to the same result.

So yeah: pro tip - with those spawn configs where 4 BBs are in the middle with CA/DD groups on both sides, split your BBs L/R or lose.


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Yes, people can be next to useless and still score extremely high exp. Because they did stuffs, but not what was needed at right time. I'm sure as an example, most camper Yamato players can confirm that.

Player may switch flank, push or switch actual threat when it's already too late.

Flambass talked about this in one of his videos, many people complain they did everything but still lost, it's partly their fault too.

But of course, this is not always true, sometimes the game is lost right from the start, and all you can do is "maintain your stats on other fields".

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