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interesting gear: the acoustic torpedo

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Finally found some bits on this freaky thing and I must say, fish in itself coming right at you is scary, especially if its the Long Lance but having fish actively trying to HOME IN on you is even more scary. 


My thoughts on it (again, feel free to add or correct or both):



The torpedo


The torpedo (also known as fish, from what I can gather, the radio relay for the torpedo fired is called "fish in the water" be it torpedo bombers or surface ships such as destroyers or torpedo cruisers  unloading it) is one of THE most potent things made during the age of naval warfare. In the olden days, literally shooting the shit out of the ship to sink it was the norm as was the build of the battleship as the prime cap ships to do just that but many try to find newer ways to destroy cap ships without the cost of laying the keel for another cap ship to sink the enemy. even in World War I the torpedo has seen its share of the use and several designs have been tested the living shit out of if its feasible or not. one of the more effective lulzeries were the German U-boats going all surprise buttsecks attacks in the Atlantic in unrestricted sub warfare, spamming fish at merchant convoys like the gigantic trolls they were. then came the devious minds making concepts on how to make the bane of all ships even more potent.



The concept


then came the thought with the lines of "gee, shooting a direct fire torpedo is going to be a bit hard especially when the ships are dazzling from paint... I know! lets make a torpedo that disregards the utter reliance of the sub aiming in order for it to hit the target and have the thing home in on a ship! this is the best plan ever!" and began all thoughts of RnD but in order to achieve the fish homing in on an enemy ship, it should have something that makes it find the ship since you cant put crazy stuff such as heat seeking on a naval weapon and after a while, they kinda found it: the ship generates a LOT of acoustic signature from the screws turning, the machinery vibrating inside the ship, the water being disturbed or in a more wonky case, the radio of the ship is intercepted. two of which were proposed by warring nations on what it would be since the torpedo goes under the water, it was debated on what it would be; passive torpedoes would heavily rely on the target's acoustic generations to steer itself while active uses sonar and while that may make it more accurate, it would be potentially expensive. they made gear and stuff that would allow the fish to guide itself to the acoustic signature and extensively studied what would happen and what might happen since the chances of the acoustic torpedo derping would be:


- the launcher of the acoustic torpedo gets a self hit since if it was armed and ready and the nearby acoustic signature is you. as per its creation, the torpedo MIGHT actually steer itself right at you and that is SHAMEFUR DISPRAY.


- the torpedo homes in on another ship instead of the targeted ship. potential fail(?) of this would be: 

  • submarine launcher shoots acoustic fish at one of the convoy ships guarded by a small screen of anti-sub ships
  • torpedo at first homes in on one of the convoy ships but as it gets nearer, something else that generates a stronger signature will divert the torpedo off course, in this case a destroyer thats on full speed and close to overdriving the engines


- the fear that the torpedo goes dud or instruments inside the thing fail.



after a lot of case studies, herpaderps and have what you, we present to you the acoustic torpedo!



... or so it is. Germany, being the precisionists as they are, made a couple of acoustic torpedoes in the form of the G7e (with all its variants and the Falke variant) and G7es Zaunkönig. for submarines who are gigantic trolls until the end (dont blame them, they were meant to be such), especially U-boats, rejoiced at this notion since to unload torpedoes, you actually need to get to periscope depth to aim and periscope depth at the time = "look ma! a U-boat's here! give em depth charges and guns, lots of guns!" from advanced radar and scanners so the thought of staying deep and shooting torpedoes is a godsend. well its not all "muhahaha we now have hax!" and roses all the way since there were problems like the G7e/T2 model had a 20-40% fail rate and there was that lulzy thing where the T2's to hit the HMS Nelson accidentally'd themselves hard. but even so, an upgrade the T3 was introduced that was more deadlier than the T2 and finally the T4 Falke which was the first 'true' acoustic torpedo. in order to NOT lolfail themselves when shooting it, the U-boat in question had to silence her engines when the torpedo was fired and until it reached the arming range of I believe 400 meters or so for the acoustic sensors to start activating, it would then GTFO out of its range and as for the torpedo itself, the speed was 20 knots and it was said to not generate a lot of signatures for the ship scanners to find that there's an incoming torpedo but it really didn't face warships was a troll to merchant shipping. despite the successes (and the notion where only three U-boats were reported to be firing Falkes against convoys), it was "satisfactory" and paved the way to the more souped up G7es or what the Brits would call the GNAT (German Navy Acoustic Torpedo) that had 24 knots in speed and range of 5700 meters and was more potent than its predecessors.


Elsewhere, the USN also were creating their own acoustic torpedo and came up with rather unsightly and 'fat' Mark 24 FIDO mine... yes, mine. well, not exactly a mine but it was a dropped acoustic torpedo via PBY Catalina but for security purposes had its designation be an air dropped mine that was designed to hunt down subs and actually did so to a certain degree and was even reported to harm a ship. the speed wouldnt really matter since if it was going against subs, there's no way that a submerged sub could dodge or even outrun it... well they totally could when it was above water. while it didnt really face a cap ship or a workhorse ship of the navies, it certainly was quite a number for anti-sub duty since whenever they detected a sub nearby, a PBY Catalina packing that single fat torpedo headed to where the alleged location was and let the thing drop to find its prey that may damage or outright sink the sub skulking around.



I'm still kinda interested on the whole homing torpedo by sound (or from a friend's viewpoint, a torpedo with ears) thing but its still a funky feeling to make the torpedo be potent as the ships its designed to sink but as for putting it in the game however, I think its very unlikely since there might be a LOT of factors to consider.


TL;DR is over.

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seems interesting, but here almost midnight, time to sleep, continue read tomorrow...

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