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Torpedo arming distance?

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I remember back in Navyfield (am I allowed to mention this game here?) the torpedoes have a minimum distance it must travel before arming and becoming "live". Otherwise if you fire too closely at your target it will not explode even if it hits.I believe this is the case irl as well.


Is there such a mechanism in WoWS? Because from my few (frustrating) encounters with torpedoes, they seemed to be armed the moment they get launched, so they can be fired at you at point blank range and you being in a big unmaneuverable BB or CA or CL will eat those torpedoes and die.

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They do.



at very little distance


ExESGO seems tired of answering these questions nowadays :P


IIRC, ship-launched torps have arming distance of 300m.

Plane-launched torps have arming distance of 500m.


I've personally had the sad sad feeling of getting to 350m of a DD and eating a full salvo of his torps before i had the chance to fire my glorious CL Freedom-Delivering-guns on his skinny little 1000hp.

To be fair, he played it really well, sneaking in while I was engaged with several other of his low HP allies. I took him down from ~9k to 1k HP before he managed to let loose his fish :(

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