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Anyone else got disconnected???

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Anyone else got disconnected at around midnight 7-22-2018???
Played a match at around said time and got disconnected. Once i logged in, i noticed that majority of players in that match got disconnected as well

I attached the Replay files of my last match, the smaller one should have the evidence of mass DC...



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Thanks for creating thread as discussed on In Game Questions and Problems Channel... Yes I also got disconnected and had Server Busy Error halfway through a battle... Seemed my ship (French BB LYON) just froze in water for 3 -4 seconds but incoming torpedos did not... was then disconnected and on trying to reconnect received Server Error message. When I did reconnect I had to Service ship and also noticed Credits and Doubloons were unavailable... Seems others had this problem too after opening In Game Channel and chatting... WoWS error???

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