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Moderators... Who are we? What do we do? Questions and Answers

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Welcome to the calm seas and sunny tropical Island port that is the home of the Moderators. 

Now your probably all thinking that you know what we do, you know how we do it and maybe even why, but this thread isn't just about that. It's about answering those all important questions that new sailors or even old deck hands may have about what we do. 

So lets start with basics

The moderators (short singular form: "mod") are users (Just like you) of the forum who are granted access to the posts and threads of all members for the purpose of moderating discussion and also keeping the forum clean (neutralizing spam, applying the rules of the EULA and Codes of Conduct etc.). Moderators also answer users' concerns about the forum, general questions, as well as respond to specific complaints. Common privileges of moderators include: deleting, merging, moving, and splitting of posts and threads, locking, renaming, stickying of threads, banning (Otherwise called waving the Ban Hammer), suspending, unsuspending, unbanning, warning the members, or adding, editing, removing the polls of threads.

Essentially, it is the duty of the moderator to manage the day-to-day affairs of a forum or board as it applies to the stream of user contributions and interactions. The relative effectiveness of this user management directly impacts the quality of a forum in general, its appeal, and its usefulness as a community of interrelated users.

Because of the above we have a couple of rules in the forums like the Red Pen any text in the red colour is used for Moderators only. If you get caught using it, sanctions can be applied. 

On that - Forum rules are Here

Now we have that boring stuff out of the way here is a list of what we are and what we are not: 

1. There is a Difference between In game Moderators and Forum Moderators, some of us are both and some of us are only one. 

In game you'll see when we type, it'll be a different colour. And we are always watching! :) we have the tools and we have the talent

2. We're normal players just like you, some of us we're recruited for our ability to be as sneaky and devious as some of the player base, others because we have a nack of being pretty level headed.  Other criteria apply and pre existing proven behaviour has to be shown, but more importantly most of us have had years of experience in dealing with players from all over the world. 

3. We are not in game support: SUPRISE! *laughs* in fact we come from all over the place professionally, some of my fellow moderators are sailors, salesmen and even students. Personally I am in Information Technology in RL, but that doesn't mean I can solve your Wargaming connection issue. 

4. Yes, we do have contact with the developers, we also speak to the GM's regionally on a day to day basis.  We have signed our souls away with an NDA, so if we can't say something it'll be for that reason. (This goes for people who approach us, asking for action to be taken on another play, or we will ever say is the user has either been sanctioned or warned) 

So feel free to ask questions to anyone of the Moderators! the list that can be found here is a little out of date, but anything game related :) or what we like doing in our down time *hint* it's either Supertesting or getting drunk will be answered. 

Oh and myself / dead and a number of other mods do appear in the Gathering Videos / WCG report page. 

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