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Question about naval artillery firing IRL!

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9 minutes ago, Somedude_Yudachi said:

Will the shells land on the target more accurate if the barrels of the turrets fire one by one??

Yes , because the shockwaves between the gun on the same turret wont affect another.

The backlash from a naval gun is very strong , it will sway the firing platform ( ship ) , which is already unstable when riding on the sea , making well aimed shots scatter around.

Also , a broadside actually has a 0.2s delay between guns firing ( numbers varies , but around that ) , so that the shockwave from the shells and guns themselves dont screw with other trajectories.

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There is thing caled mutual Interference. that happen on Multigun turret

the more gun on turret (like triple - quad turret), increase severety of the problem. on one case for French Battleship Jean Bart, the Gun perform horibly due to this problem causing the dispersion covering area as large as 1.3km. can you imagine 4 guns all in same turret throw shells within that large margin of error.

Like legionary said, they solved it by adding mechanism that delaying subsequent gun firing by 0.2 or 0.4 seconds depending on nations


this mostly a turret problem, which either cause or fix ,mostly doesnt affect other turret since they spaced quite apart. however improper firing procedure (ie not broadside) might cause it to impact salvo

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17 hours ago, dejiko_nyo said:

and they intend to nerf alsace to hell to make it "realistic"

Yeah right.  Because the devblog makes a lot of mentions of the changes for realism


The French battleship Alsace:
Increased the reload time of the Main Battery from 30 to 32 s;
Reduced the value of sigma from 1.7 to 1.6.
The ship has a rather high average damage rating, while being on the same tier for the other parameters with tier IX battleships.

The French cruiser Emile Bertin:
Increased the reload time of the Main Battery from 12 to 13 s.
Torpedoes 550-mm DT replaced by 550-mm 19D with the following characteristics:
Reload time: 84 s;
Damage from the torpedo: 12 233;
Torpedo speed: 57 knots;
Range: 6 km.
Possessing a specific armor scheme, guns with good ballistics and torpedoes with a long range, the ship showed excessive efficiency. Changes are necessary in order to bring the ship to balance at her tier.

Please note that the information in the Development Blog is preliminary.



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May, or may not.

For a perfectly stationary ship on calm waters, absolutely yes. Multiple shells fired in close proximity will interfere with each other leading to increased pattern.

But if the delay is set too long, as we all know the sea is not still, the ship moves , causing the previous gunnery parameters to become invalid.

A one-by-one serial firing sequence is also invalid for calibration. The Royal Navy believed that anything less than a three-gun salvo is invalid for gunnery reference.

In practice, many triple and quad turrets have delay circuit to help reduce pattern. One (of the many) example is the 380mm/45 Mle 1935 seen service aboard the Richelieu class, a 0.060 sec delay was set for the inner guns. This reduced the average pattern from 525m to 300m, at 26.5km.

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