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My final Omaha battle

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With 35k exp on Omaha, I thought I was ready for Dallas when 0.7.6 went live but discovered that it was going to require a bit more than the old Cleveland to research and I still needed another 8k.  I got a bit sidetracked with Cherry Blossom because I wanted to grind Edinburgh and Cleveland - so I spent 4 days on them to unlock Neptune and Seattle (and, incidentally,  make enough free xp to unlock a t10 on one of those lines if I was so inclined) before I got back to Omaha. With a 200% daily win bonus, I figured I'd probably need 2 games and was fortunate to snare a win 1st up for 7k exp so I only needed another 1k for what would probably be my last Omaha battle (for a while, at least) as I'll move its captain to the Dallas. It's not unusual for me to get some pretty good results for the first few battles with a new ship for some reason, but it's also pretty common for me to get some pretty poor results for the last few battles - I don't know why, maybe I get a bit blasé. Anyway, I got lucky and had a really good one, which pleased me so much I couldn't resist posting it up here.


With a 70% wr and 45k avg dmg over 33 battles Omaha has been one of my better ships and I don't know whether I'm really looking forward to the rest of the US cls as they seem a bit difficult to do well in from all reports (even for the unicums) but I'll see if I can adapt to the Dallas gameplay and take it from there.

Incidentally, after purchasing Dallas, Seattle, Neptune and Izumo (unlocked it a fair while back but couldn't decide whether to buy it or not) my bank balance has taken a real hit today - 43M credits without upgrades (lucky I've got a Missouri :cap_haloween:).

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