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What is the best ship & tactic for deleting Atlantas?

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I guess it's the "achieve 628 hits" requirement for the latest mission, anyway it seems you can't enter a random battle this week but trip over Atlantas. Most captained by sealclubbing unicums, red tracers, all the toppings.

After getting my IJN cruiser blown out from under me multiple times yesterday, I am open to ideas for how to best deal with these pests.

A noob Atlanta is an easy mark, but the ones that know what they're doing (and with teammates who also know what they are doing) ... that's a tricky problem. Once they get wedged in behind an island, protected by a couple of BBs behind and screened by a DD spotting for them...

Rushing them is pretty much futile.

Running away doesn't solve much.

Staying in place is even worse.

I'm thinking that short of another Atlanta, Sharnhorst is probably the best ship to be in for nuking them, but in terms of tactics the only thing I can think of is to draw off and sink their supporting ships first and then rush around with two ships in opposite directions to outflank and overrun their hideout...

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Atlanta's Achilles heel is its short range.   Stay out at 14km and BLAP.   if its using cover of an island then flanking it is the best move.   Its a ship that requires a decent player to use it well.

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