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AC's protection

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Aircraft Carriers, major games asset self protection

1.    CV’s are one of the most important assets in a team and as such can change the direction of the battle if used correctly.

2.    The most frustrating point about playing a CV is the fact that they are easy to kill left unprotected.

3.    The current aircraft on the Zeppelin are inadequate due to the fighters (ME109T) being an easy target for other fighter’s and ship AA’s as a consequence the bombers are unable to be protected by them

4.    Please remember these are my observations only. The ME 109T can still prove its worth if it has the ability to be a multipurpose fighter, armed with between 20mm to 40mm auto cannons that were available at this period of WWII, another type of armament is the type 84mm wing mounted rockets that where being developed, of course all the ordinance attached would have to be AP or API.

5.    So what is the possible solution?

a.     As all fighter planes in the game are semi bots, that will attack any enemy aircraft given the order or protect other aircraft types i.e. bombers and torpedo.

b.    Even given the command to protect the carrier they are from; they will only attack are other types of aircraft.

c.     One solution is to cut a destroyer or light cruiser from the attack fleet thus starting one ship down, or

d.    Introduce the carrier to have the ability  to not only protect it from other aircraft but also enemy ship that comes within range;  This type of protection is called a CAP, (Combat Air Protection) which was developed during world war II and is still a major strategic  ability today.

e.     I believe the aircraft from the carrier that is running CAP should be programmed not only to attack enemy plans but ships as well, this will give the carrier a fighting chance to run for protection.

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Yes, well, unfortunately WG is already overhauling the entire CV gameplay system and one of the biggest changes is the shift AWAY from RTS style combat.

What you're suggesting is available in some RTS titles, and it does work, just that it's unlikely WG will implement it, sadly.

Another option is the ability to set a "behavior type" for the plane squadrons if left unselected.

Like, say... if you leave a certain squad and set it to "Guard Mode" then the squad will patrol a certain area and engage any ship/aircraft automatically once it reaches the squad's protection area.

Or an "Aggressive Mode" that causes the squad immediately start hunting planes/ships by themselves if left alone.


Just my two cents. great suggestion though.

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