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[] Tsukotaku's Azur Lane Mods w/ |Frequent Updates|

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In the Wargaming.net community I was internationally known as the ex. founder of Team 20.3cm (Niju-san) and Rising Sun, two groups of top-notch and passionate modders that used to make premium quality modifications inspired by KanColle for WoWs. Because of my ISP I wasn't able to connect to the game without a VPN since January, now the issue seems resolved. So I've decided to come back playing and mod as well (With a focus over Azur Lane. Since the English localization has been announced, becoming more popular). I've a lot of experience now, and trust me when I tell you that I'll deliver some of the highest quality mods you have seen (Like I've used to do). I'll also allign to the WG policies and the other modders too.



Back in 2015, there were some guidelines that I'd like the users to still follow today:

  • If you want to share these mods in the forums of different regions, that I didn't cover already, you've to LINK them DIRECTLY to HERE without forget to CREDIT THE AUTHOR in said post.
  • Re-upload, Re-distribution, Re-packing is strictly FORBIDDEN (I never liked "packs" because they never give enough justice to the authors of the mods, even if handy and practical to use).



  • My mods are perfect and very much enjoyable by all those players that are addicted to both Azur Lane and Anime in general or related media.
  • My mods are exclusively composed of aesthetic changes and so they can be considered "Fair Play" friendly.
  • My mods will be frequently updated to be compatible with the newest updates and to present more content.



I wont make of this first post an index list of everything that gets released, because it's way too much time consuming to cover all the regions at the same time with stuff like this. But! Don't panic yet! I've a new website where everything is organized in one place and where you can find such a thing with the download links.









Please, don't forget that feedbacks and comments are always welcome as well as bug reports. Thank you and enjoy!

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