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Radius of catapult aircraft?

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Some say catapult spotters circle around the ship at a larger radius than their fighter counterparts, any specific data on that?

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This is spotter aircraft.shot-18_06.18_22_40.43-0011.thumb.jpg.a7163c8bcd36921ccf93a59c17b58930.jpg

This is catapult fighter.


I tried keeping my crosshair at the same place between 2 pictures.

It seems like about 1 km but it's actually 1 km+ since the catapult fly higher than the spotter.

Yep that's actually a thing you can test with your friend or yourself just play CV and select any squadron and have it travel across your ship and you will see that it's not 0 km usually about 0.6 or 0.7.

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